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I need work from seniors

I am Jahid and I am a level 1 seller n Fiverr. After I have got my level one badge my gig went down from first page of my category. I don’t have much work for the last 5 month. I am a web designer and wordpress developer. please give me some work if you have much work.
Thanks and regards

I’m not sure you should really be asking this. It seems more like begging.

If someone is really so busy they need to outsource their (outsource) jobs, they will probably reach out to people they know and trust, not randoms online. Those that might respond, it seems to me, are more likely to want to use you - and not in a fun way.

It seems a bit of a thing where people hit L1 or 2 (not sure about TRS) and feel like it stops. My guess is that while we hope that the L1 badge will help prove to good buyers that we are worth it and open doors, it actually tells people that we are more likely to be “more expensive” and “less likely to fall for their unreasonable demands”. The level badge scares away the bottom dwellers who may well have made up much of our income to that point.


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Yeah you’re right in you way. Actually I was waiting for since 5 month but didn’t Yeah you’re right in you way. Actually I was waiting for work from my gig since 5 month but didn’t get any response and now am so much helpless.
That’s why I post this here

We all feel helpless pretty often.

It is good to each out to find new ideas, new ways, but I think this is not it.

One of the issues is that Web is oversaturated - far too many people claiming to be expert at web for $5 so the market is pretty well shot at the entry level. You have to move up to better clients. Who of course may not even be in places like Fiverr due to so much garbage.

Do your Gigs make it clear that what you can do that puts you above the average $5 know-nothing hack?


If only my clownposting didn’t get censored… This is a prime target!

I think maybe not.

It is perhaps sad to see these posts but tell me - esp once you need to live entirely from your income alone, fear becomes so bad you cannot sleep, eat, be nice to your loved ones, or make lovely rational posts in forums - what would you do?

Perhaps we can help draw this person’s real issue out and show him possible paths?



Somehow your post was more savage than mine :rofl:

Keep it up ! I also had a very slowed activity during my transition from Level 1 to Level 2.
Take this opportunity to :

  • Develop new projects
  • Acquire new skills
  • Enhance your current gig offering and general design
  • Browse forum posts for valuable tips on how to make your services stand out from the masses

There is nothing we can do to make orders come to you, improve yourself constantly, and you shall succeed !

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The reason why it has been censored is the exact same one related to your current contribution to this thread : irrelevance and negativity.

I like your music though.

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