I need work please give me




That’s not going to happen here. We are not going to give you work.

If you seek orders, and you aren’t finding them here on Fiverr, perhaps now is a good time to get out there into the world, and reach out to your target customers. Market and promote your gig. Take responsibility for your own success. Begging for sales on the forum is a good way to get people to ignor you.

You don’t deserve orders. You earn them. What are you doing to earn your sales?


You are right @jonbaas. At first when I was also a new seller, I posted twice on this forum a request for order, but after reading through posts made by you, nikavoice, misscrystal, offline helpers and other regular and leader members of this forum, I got to the realization that I don’t have to beg for orders, but instead I prove myself to be qualified for an order by describing in full details what I offer to buyers.

Same is applied to @sohel1996. Prove yourself to buyers and for sure you will receive a stream of orders in no time.


In your gig the part about having 2500 reviews caught my eye. You only have 1 review.

Why choose me?

  • 30 Days after sale support.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • More than 2500 perfect reviews.

  • Excellent Communication

  • Creative and Original


That´s interesting, I found the exact same lines in the gig description of a seller with 4000+ reviews.


Maybe he was trying to show buyers is capability by not being realistic