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I need work to get a level one badge!



I have opened the account about a month back. But I am not getting enough orders to get my level 1 badge.

Please help getting me work. Any suggestions will be helpful.



It took me 3 months to get consistent flow of orders. Keep sending buyer requests. Don’t use templated reply. Send personalized reply.

All the best.


Thanks for the suggestion!! I sometimes lose hope by not getting replies from buyers requests.


am also not getting replies but am patience


When did you open your account!!


check my page and you see when i open my account


:slight_smile: great


up till now i have not even had one order so let wait and see lady keep on trying one day their will be change


Ohh… I got 7 orders… Not getting the badge for just 3 orders… sad


@rushdiaakhan You get it after 3 orders complete :slight_smile:


Not getting new orders!!! That’s the problem :frowning:


You send 10 buyer request everyday.also add your portfolio link in buyer request/and update portfolios everyday.And try to add more related gigs or other categoric gigs in your profile its help you to get more orders.Best of luck :slight_smile:


good advice am gonna try


Thanks!! I’ll definitely try this… :slight_smile:


That right great
(Y) :slight_smile:


Most welcome friend!! :slight_smile:


Promote your gigs outside fiverr and you get at least one order a day, it work well for me.


promote your gigs on social media sites. In my opinion Pinterest is the best social platform to promote. There are huge customer you can’t imagine.


i checked your account and gigs
please try to delete some gigs and recreate them But do not delete those gigs on which you have reviews
And also please add Portfolio link of your previous projects and work that you have done
Having Portfolio is good impression on the seller profiles and also it helps buyers to select the right person for there works
And second thing is try to add Video on your gig and also explain every thing in the video regarding the service you are providing :slight_smile:


Do you send offers in the buyer request section ? on buyers posts?