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I need work to my website and had something real bad happened read all about it this happen to you?

Hello Everyone.
Well, I have used Fiverr 5 times already and I had 2 very good experiences. However, I have also had 3 very BAD ONES. I need continuous SEO work done on my website to get me where I need to be,

Getting the right seller to help me and not be dishonest or ruin my website is the main issue I will, however, back my website up before they start just I if I even hire someone here on Fiverr just n case they mess it up,

Here is what happens>>>>>>>>>I put my request for what I need on Fiverr and get over 35 offers I replied to about 20 of them, narrowed it down to 3 or 4 and out of the 3 that I picked, one offered the work at less than half the cost of what I said I could pay.

He really wants the work or wants to screw me?? the other 2 are ok but I had such bad experiences lately here on Fiverr that I am leery to go forward.

The last bad experience I had I wrote Fiverr and told them how disappointed I am having 3 bad things happen from using Fiverr

Here is a list of the bad things that happened to me >> 1. I got locked out of my FB page, from a seller that was mad I complained to Fiverr 2. someone I hired did not complete a task, Both of those instances I was refunded from Fiverr And the 3rd bad experience was just 2 days ago when a Fiverr seller asked in the live chat we had to pay him via his bank account using a payment source not associated with Fiverr I reported him via the report button on the chat and 3 hours later when I went to the chat we had It says that seller is no longer available I assume he got kicked off for a TOS violation asking to use another payment source.

All these things make me very leery to use someone else, I also get 95% of replies from my buyer listing coming from different countries I worry that many sellers here could care less if they do a good job or have so much work that they will hurry thru my project so they can go to the next and not do a good job, after all, why should they care?

besides I live so far away what can I do if someone does a crummy job? And that one seller offering to do my job for 360 is less than half the other bids, Most are saying my job will cost about 700 in total.

My bids for the same job If I pick a seller in my country are well over 1400.00 USD for the same work. I would really hate to lose 1,400 heck, even a small amount is terrible.

So far Fiverr has been fair with me and refunded me each time I had an issue. BUT I worry my luck is gonna run out.

I also wrote a letter to Fiverr going over each issue I had and my thoughts on it and my reluctance to use Fiverr anymore I got 3 responses from them from different people and they all said the exact same word for word I know it was a canned response.

Don’t they care enough to write me back and not used a canned speech?

I need to hire someone and now am so leery I don’t think I will go forward and may sell my website small business. All I want is honesty. Seems hard to get here.

And lastly, I don’t want to “bargain” with a seller. Just tell me what you charge, if I can afford it I will accept the work you will do for me.

I get so many asking what my budget is. I prefer you to tell me what it costs then if I can afford it, I will move forward. I feel BARGAINING for a job is gonna piss the person off if they reluctantly take the job if its not enough money for them to do the work but take the job anyway because they need the work but do a crappy job because they just don’t care and I paid them a crappy amount.

you just tell me what you charge if I can afford it let me decide, But to ask me my budget?? I don’t like that…

I need advice here I want to pick the right person but really having a hard time and Fiverr won’t even reply to my letter telling them how I feel.

your thoughts??

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.


You got some really good advice when you asked a similar thing before:

Please could you remove the references to various countries from your initial post? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a totally different issue this is about trust not about what happened

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will do sorry bout that

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It sounds as the same issue to me.

For me I always follow saying: “greedy person paying twice”.

I know it might be very tempting to go for a cheapest version but sometimes it’s better to do your research and test them in some way if you can.

If you don’t want to work with sellers from a particular countries then you would need to spend time surfing fiverr and looking for a really good and trustworthy seller, make your research, read reviews, check portfolios etc, usually good sellers already busy with work and not going to spend much time hunting for work.

In my experience (of course there are always exceptions) people who are bidding of buyer requests are people who doesn’t have enough work or just starting their journey.


you said read reviews. well I feel the reviews here are either fake, or forced In short here is part of the letter I wrote Fivert about reviews… something needs to be done here. You see a seller with 4.9 stars with many ( over 20) reviews that they do a great job, then you hire them, they vanish, or dont so the job as requested then they get mad and bully you because you report them to Fiverr ( after waiting 3 days ) from a response from them before you finally report them. Reviews here on Fiverr… Are they really helpful??? not really…

funny how the person I hired on Fiverr would not answer me about substandard work AFTER WAITING 3 DAYS for a response from him, I found it odd that with in 15 minutes of reporting him to Fiverr he messages me on Fiverr swearing at me and saying horrible things. Yea, well, I wait 3 days for you to reply to me and I really get mad when I see the word “”“SEEN” on my fiverr messenger so I KNOW you read my message and my concern went unanswered until I finally decided to get Fiverr involved. And oh, I got a refund and he lost his seller status.

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The reviews can not be faked in any way. People can leave a review only if they placed an order and completed it.

Actually if you are going to fight for it then I would say that you are also part of the problem: you cancelled 3 orders and none of those people got your review. So only people with good experience left reviews on their profile (and we al have good and bad buyers, the same as good and bad sellers)

Fiverr inforced a lot things to keep reviews actual and fair:

  1. You can leave a review only if you completed an order and then you can leave your review if you are not satisfied
  2. Reviews can not be changed. (Even mentioning word review can get sellers a warning, so they wouldn’t discuss or manipulate it in any way)
  3. You can leave a blind review after the order is completed if you are to intimidated to leave a bad public review.
  4. If a seller want to cancel an order not to get a bad review he will be punished with dropping his completion ratio, which can cause him loosing his leve and how many orders they get, which insentivising people work harder not to get cancellations)

I think you need to do a proper research and SPEND YOUR TIME on finding right person not only posting buyer requests and waiting who will come. (As I mentioned, a lot of high quality sellers are not looking for a job, people looking for them)

P.S we gave you a lot of good advices in all your threads that you created but it looks like you keep coming back with the same question and not learning on your mistakes. So I will stop here and will keep you with your thoughts as it seems it doesn’t matter what we are going to tell or advise you it still wouldn’t have any effect anyway.
I tried to give an advice in my first response but instead you decided to fight over a sentense and make it an argument instead of looking at the actual advice.
And on this note I have nothing else to add, unhappy person will always find what to be unhappy about.


well you re so wrong here>>> Actually if you are going to fight for it then I would say that you are also part of the problem: you cancelled 3 orders and none of those people got your review.

all 3 tried to take advantage of me… the 1st one bullied me, did not do the work at all ( I got refunded)
the 2nd one tired to to the work I asked but it wasn’t right didn’t fit and he would NOT fix it I messaged him several times explaining what he did you cant see its too small please fix I see the word SEEN in the chat so I know he read it. I waited 2 days then finally I got fiverr
involved and ( GOT A REFUND)

The 3 rd guy wanted me to pay him OFF FIVERR use another payment source… I reported him hes gone…

SO, tell me again>>>>>>>>> how am I part of the problem???

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After reading this, I’d think any seller would be wary of working with you to be honest.

As in all things posted in public, it really is best to ‘keep your powder dry’.

It’s quite clear you don’t like the majority of Fiverr sellers you’ve encountered, you’ve got refunds on the majority of orders you’ve placed, you don’t like the responses you’ve had from Fiverr CS etc.

Might be time to call it quits? Good luck with your purchases elsewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:


After reading this, I’d think any seller would be wary of working with you to be honest.>>> why??

I wait 3 DAYS after I see the word ““SEEN”” on the chat we had 3 DAYS… how hard it it for a seller to respond to you after you paid them to do a job that either didn’t get done, or fixed after you tell them what isn’t right and they even say I will fix it but 3 days go by and no further response I get it that They may be busy I get that but after 3 DAYS no response especially after seeing that they saw my message and not even saying give me a few days I wont be online or something to let me know they didn’t take my $$ and run. its called communication.

you get what you pay for.

First of all, they can’t take your money and run. That’s what Fiverr is here for.
In my opinion, it works like that: Order => Delivery => Revision (or Cancellation). Please note that according to Fiverr rules, revision can take as long as seller wants.
I work in a different field, but I can’t imagine my buyers constantly writing me something and changing the order on the way. I keep communication with them updating on the most important milestones, but it’s not like a chat.
In one of your previous posts, you mentioned that buyers were silent for 30 hours, then 20 minutes and now 3 days.
I would totally agree with @smiler3d about the initially strange approach to sellers and Fiverr in general, especially knowing that people had a lot of good reviews before.
Maybe Fiverr is not the best place if you want something really serious that requires a lot of attention and constant updates.


Based on your experience to date maybe a search on Fiverr Pro for a vetted seller would be the best option. The link is at the top of the main Fiverr page.


And this is called gloating.


I give up done with fiverr cannot believe no one here sees what happened im done

Bro, Im sorry you had these experiences. We have also messaged back and forth before on doing a gig together. I am however glad to see the gig you had done went well for you.
I just want to say there are great sellers and slow communicative sellers. Just need to ask more questions with the sellers, really feel them out. If their communcation style and rapport are great, then that can be sensed. Pushy people are also sensed.

thanks I appreciate it Hard to believe the stuff I had happen to me on here and even on the forum some feel I deserve it?? sure dont get that…

No one was saying you deserve it. We were giving you advices on how to avoid such sellers and you are the one who started argument about fiverr system in general.

One last time: if you want quality work and don’t want to make the same mistakes with sellers from a “particular countries” again look at the “fiver pro” sellers.


Thanks, I hear ya and I appreciate it. But I really had bad luck. why would a seller ask to be paid via bank wire not go thru fiverr?? of course, I get that kind of sellers why? And why not turn in someone like that?

The other person tried hard to make a logo for my home page but it was so small you can’t see it. I waited 3 days he seemed to have vanished. If he would have e-mailed me or communicated I would have worked with him to get my logo done right. I know he read my messages as they show as seen on the messenger. Why would anyone here think I shouldn’t have contacted Fiverr?? If I didn’t see that “seen” message so I knew he read it I may have waited I know things happen ya know. But when I see SEEN and a day goes by and I message again no reply I feel I did the right thing. I am not gloating and I am not glad someone lost their status, but I wonder if you were the customer how would you feel. This will be my last post here because it seems I am more of a problem so, I am going to leave Fiverr for a while. Looks like I am seen as a problem buyer, So, just gonna pack it in move on.

I think you are over venting the situation and you are frustrated in general. We were telling you how to avoid such sellers (it’s quite obvious that the one asking for a bank transfer was banned immediately).

As for a “small logo” it might be a problem with your website where you tried to upload it. If you have small dimensions set up for a logo position then any size of a file or dimensions that seller will send you will be “too small” .

We can not judge your other experiences without hearing sellers side. So everything we could do is to give you an advice on how to avoid it and how to find better sellers, which you seemed to be ignoring.

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