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I need work to my website and had something real bad happened read all about it this happen to you?

As for a “small logo” it might be a problem with your website where you tried to upload it. If you have small dimensions set up for a logo position then any size of a file or dimensions that seller will send you will be “too small”<<< I had someone else do it via fiverr and in minutes he was able to get it sized perfectly. Sorry but wanted to reply to you thanks for replying. As I said I am going to pack it in and move on for a time, Thanks for the advice mariashtelle1 I appreciate it…

Logo wise, he should have sent you a source file. With the source file, you can expand the dimensions. Shopify has an option to increase size of logo btw. If you still need help with this let me know.

The thing that seems odd to me is that you are looking to spend that much in one go with someone you havent worked with at all before. For SEO work, you can surely define a number of the elements you want done which total around $100 maximum and see how the seller goes with that to start with. You can then see if they do as promised and if you like how they work and if so, you can then place another order.

You will also find that most good sellers don’t use buyer requests as they have enough work without it. Fiverr (for me as a buyer too) works best when I find the sellers myself through search. Getting 50 replies and whittling down from there sounds good in theory but what if all 50 are rubbish to start with? By using buyer requests you are ensuring that you are not going to use any of the busiest (a good sign in an ongoing service like SEO) SEO sellers.

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