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I need works

I create two Gigs. But didn’t get any response from buyer. I am stacked what can i do now??? help me please!!! :((

I’m not sure you understand the word “stacked”. Do you mean, “stuck”? If so, please be patient. Orders aren’t likely to come your way quickly, nor are you guaranteed any orders just by being a seller here on Fiverr.

In addition, I recommend that you find a service that does not fall within the gray area of legality. Other websites do not like people selling fake reviews of their products and services. Both of your current gigs sell fake reviews.

‘Stacked’ mentioned that i was in a problem…
by the way thank you very much

First, don’t ask for help in Tips, read the tips already there and use them. You have writing errors in your tagline, for example. The tips already on the forum suggest proofreading.

Second, follow the advice @jonbaas gave you. You posted a duplicate of your “help” post hours after he gave you advice, but the only gigs you have up are against the rules and won’t work for you long term here. You need to think of other gigs you can do, preferably not in writing categories.

Perhaps a translation gig if you translated from English to your native language. I would not offer translations from other languages to English until you improve your skills. Just using a software translation isn’t good enough. Go to the main page of Fiverr, look at lots of gigs and find some legal things you could do. Try to think of a way to put your unique spin on gigs.

Good luck.