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I need your advice

I have a situation here that I am not sure what to do. A buyer bought a spokesperson gig, where my little girl was speaking up a text that was provided. Total child appropriate all nice and dandy.

Buyer requested to shoot outside. I advice him that it would cost extra, because for one its one of my gig extras and two, it takes work to bring the equipment outside. The buyer told me, he is already paying me 60$ an hour and to be happy with what I got. Mind you, he only bought 1 gig and an gig extra of 10$ for 1 day delivery.

Autsch, that was not nice of him, I think, but I want to do it because its for a charity and for kids.

I write him messages and I tell him, that shooting outside was not a good Idea, because my mic is picking up to much noise. No answer. Oh well, I deliver the work. Then he turns around, one day before the order was supposed to close and sends me a modification request. He said the video had to much outside noise and my daughter was clearly reading and tells me to redo it and then he will leave positive feedback.

Oh no he didn’t :slight_smile:

So I do a little research on him and come to find out that he used to be a seller with two gigs and a rating of 50%. More alarm bells going off in my head. So I think to myself, OK go cancel the order now, let him be but stop talking to him. Then I think, He is doing this extra to intimidate me with a bad review, playing games so he can get this work done for free. I reshoot the video last night. I sent it to him, but no response. If he wanted a gig so fast that he wanted this done in 1 day, what games is he playing? Should I cancel the order now myself and just not risk the negative rating or should I just stand my ground.???

A bad order is just that.Dont take it to to the hart.

I know all fear a thumbs down,But if you message fiverr they can and will kill that order

with out you having any bad rating.

I have been on here for almost 3 years and still at 100% but that was only what I learned

Fiverr will fight for you 100% of the time.All you have to ask is for help to them.

They help 100% of the time.Please ask them to help you on this one.And they will

Thank you for the answer. Also, I canceled an order, because it was place with the wrong gig (1 day turn around) where the actual ordere gig takes 3 days. The buyer just placed the order again on the right gig. Now it is showing 1 % cancellation rate, is there any way I can fix this? Is this bad for me? I feel like I shoot myself in the food.

$60 an hour??? Yeah, if it all goes perfectly in the first shoot - which I know as a former Professional Photographer, NEVER happens.

Hi, Mimie. You sound like someone who takes PRIDE in your work. Which means you’ll shoot it over and over and over, until it meets your high standards. Hours of work… for $5. Your buyers should be grateful for that.

It’s painful for a good buyer like me, to read so many stories here on the forum about Quality Sellers encountering bad buyers.

(And Rude - Autsch!) :))

Glad to hear that Fiverr Support will remove such negative ratings (according to youtubefun above) - and I have seen other Sellers also confirm that they were able to convince Fiverr to remove a negative rating.

Mimie, if you cannot get it removed however, here is something else I’ve seen that could help you. :slight_smile:

I’m buying a LOT of Gigs, so I’m seeing a LOT of ratings pages. And on several, I’ve seen the Seller reply to the bad buyer’s negative comment, with a full explanation of what happened - showing that it was the BUYER who produced a negative result, NOT the Seller.

Hope that helps you Mimie,


Reply to @mimie01: Hi mimie, no a 1% cancellation ratio is not bad at all. I had some bad buyers when I first started out, so I had to work my way up from a 50% cancellation ratio to 4% now, and I have been a level 2 seller for about 6 months now!

Thank you Robert,

at this point I will just sit back and watch. What goes around, comes around. I will not be intimidated buy such bad people, if I do, what is the difference between me and a modern Slave?

Plus, if I do, more and more buyers will do things like that. Everybody should know, this is not a one way street!

Thank you guys for your support!

Don’t worry about it. You will undoubtedly encounter more people like that while operating on fiverr. No matter how many revisions you offer, you simply can’t please some people. They want the world (and more) delivered on a silver platter for $5.

If it happens again, cancel the order and tell them to find another seller, as it’s not worth the risk of a negative review.

To prevent it from happening in the future, you should lay down specific rules on your gig;

"I will shoot once in XX or YY location

I will only provide a revision if I made an error (if you change your mind you pay again)"

If all else fails, you can explain to the buyer that their opinion is subjective, and your work was delivered according to their script and the terms laid out on your gig page. :slight_smile:

Maybe others won’t agree with me, but I would cancel. I have been down this road myself and getting a negative review is bad enough but getting one early in your career may stall future sales. Again, this is my opinion so please do what you think is best.

Ok, update:

I did not cancel. I did one revision, and told the buyer, if he gives me a negative review over this, I will have it removed by Fiverr. So slick Rick, gave me a thumbs up but the review was automatically removed by Fiverr, I don’t know what he wrote. Anyways, my point is, stand your ground people, we are not working for free and we should not get blackmailed, nor pushed against the wall. If you buy a 5$ product, you will get a 5$ product, end of story!