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I need your advice

I am new to fiverr. I have created gigs and also promoted it but I haven’t gotten any order. I think am getting somethings wrong. Does my nationality matters in getting orders?

Please advise me

Thanks :-S

Dont know if nationality matters but gig type matters allot. In your case there is loads of competition for writing gigs so it can take some extra time before you get your first order.

Thanks for your response @mgjohn

Your gig descriptions are very nicely written and demonstrate your catchy writing style! Kudoes to you for that. I didn’t like the graphic you used on the 24hour article gig, though. It’s bright, yes, but…eh. I realize everyone’s tastes are different, but how about a nice photographic scene related to writing? An old-fashioned desk and typewriter, a beautiful modern office, someone sitting in a field writing in a journal…these are a couple things that come to my mind. You can search the internet for copyright free images, loads of them, and bet you could find something which will help you stand out.

Thanks @ Celticmoon. I will do just as You said

Reply to @arinzonawrites: Best of luck! It can be difficult to get started on Fiverr, because it’s grown SOOO big and competition in some categories is fierce, but I think you are a very talented writer, from just reading your descriptions, and so I’m very hopeful that once buyers spot that, you’ll start making lots of sales.

Reply to @celticmoon: I’m thinking of advertising my gigs in fiverr forum.

What do you think

Only post your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum. Anywhere else is considered SPAM.

Since you do writing gigs, I suggest finding forums, blogs and message boards on topics you enjoy (including the topic of writing), and participating on those forums. Find online magazines or magazine sections devoted to writing and leave comments about articles you read. When you leave comments, attach a “signature” with your name and your Fiverr URL. Create a Facebook page about writing and post a link back to your Fiverr page. Ask your online friends to spread your Fiverr link. Years ago I ran a website from which I sold jewelry that I made. I created a little graphic with my URL on it and used that as my signature whenever I posted comments anywhere.

When you participate in the forums here, anyone can click on your name or your thumbnail - mine doesn’t show up here :frowning: -and they can check out your gigs. Some people also write out the URL of their gigs when they post comments in the forums, but personally I think that’s bordering on being SPAM. But that’s just me.

There are other ways to promote yourself. Use the forum search tool to find more.

Reply to @celticmoon: thanks for suggestions. I really appreciate it