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I need your advise !It's urgent

Hello all members,
Today I am facing an issue. So, please give me a suggestion about this.
Please listen carefully,
A buyer gave me an order and I deliver that order before the delivery time. But after that he required a revision but till that delivery time was over. So, Now my order page is showing late but why did this happen? When I submit my work within a time period.
Now, That person is offline from the last 2 days. Now, if I deliver this video then it will be fall in late delivery.
That’s why I send a resolution to extend the delivery time.
But tell me if that person does not come online. Then what should I do?
Deliver that video or what?


No need to panic, if you delivered early the first time then you have nothing to worry about. I suggest you cancel the dispute to extend the delivery time. The order won’t be late once the buyer accepts it.

All the best


oooo Are you sure brother? Then! why it is showing late on the order page?

It’s still running based on code. If the buyer accepts the order it won’t have a negative effect on your “on time delivery” stat.


Deliver it right now if you have completed the revision and wait for his response I think that’s the one thing u can do.

Ohter is ask for fiverr customer support.


I think it’s best that you deliver the revision now

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Do not ask for support from CS!!

Why will you suggest such a thing? He said he delivered early the first time and that’s all that matters. Most buyers take days to do revisions so it’s like the norm.


If your first delivery was before the deadline, you’re fine. Yes, there’s the big red annoying LATE sign, but it won’t count as a late delivery.


Thanks a lot sir. I was panic after seeing that late sign.

Very first and Good response sir. Thanks for helping me

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You did deliver your order through big green “deliver” button, right? Not just sending your work through messages? And your client requested an official revision not just a message, right?

Ritesh, as many said there is no need to worry but I will recommend you to deliver this order within 24 hours from revision request time. All the best.