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I need your constructive critique please!

Alright I just got started on Fiverr,
of course I can’t expect a gig within the first few weeks. However I’d like to receive some constructive critique on my current gig and maybe some help on how to land one asap.

Best, Gwarks


It says “Existing Characters (Anime, Cartoon, Manga, Book, Game)” - how are you going to be able to draw any existing character when they will be copyrighted/trademarked?


You are allowed to draw FanArt of existing Characters. And since it will be your original work, you are allowed to sell it as far as I informed myself.

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It depends, eg. one site says “In the US, there have been cases where one court ruled that the item in question did not fall under fair use”. Fair use is US thing - it will be different in different countries. It’s not worth doing anything against copyright law, especially if you don’t know if the rights holder is okay with people making money out of their trademarked characters.


So you suggest I only draw their original characters or family members etc. to stay out of legal trouble? Sounds about right actually
It just seems odd as fan art is sold anywhere you look. However you are completely right - I couldn’t afford being sued by a big company

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Yes it would be safer not to draw characters you know the buyer doesn’t have the rights to, in case of legal action and to be okay with the Fiverr terms of service/prevent any issues with the gig.

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Thank you so much for that gig advice! :innocent:

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That wasn’t legal advice though that was just gig advice :slight_smile:
I think only lawyers can give actual legal advice. One place says others can give legal information.