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I need your creative advice. 😕

Hello all,
I need your creative advice regarding my gigs. I did not get an order from last two-three weeks is there any problem behind my dawn ration.?
What is Fiverr algorithm it affects on my accounts.?
Or I need to change my policies.?
Please help me.
Thank you.


We are not sure about Fiverr algorithm when it changes and how it changes. So instead of wasting time on searching/learning fiverr algorithm, my advice is that search top gigs related to your services, check their keywords and description and check how they optimized their gigs.

Try to stay online and reply as soon as you receive any message
Apply on all 10 buyer requests daily but not at the same time. For example you can apply on 5 buyer requests in morning and 5 in evening so you can get new buyer requests.
Be professional in conversation with clients if they don’t order (they will come back if you communicate well)

I hope it will help you. Best of luck


Thank you for your advice.


According to your profile, your last delivery was 3 hours ago, and you have a bunch of reviews in the last two-three weeks, too.

You should rewrite this sentence (“Right now I have talented designers team who can hardly turn your any imagination into reality.”) because you’re basically telling your potential clients that your team is incompetent (and that, with your English, communication might be difficult).

Also, don’t use a stock photo as your profile picture, because buyers might think that you don’t actually design logos, you just steal them from the Internet. Instead, use either your own photo, or a logo you have designed from scratch.

And finally, if your gig pictures are not something that you have created from scratch (not taken from the Internet and modified, but designed from scratch), remove them, and use your own design.


Thank you so much for your advice we will surely follow it.
Yes, you are right my last delivery was 3 hours ago. but it’s my regular client we don’t get any new clients order. I apologize for that as I am not mentioned it.

Always be polite with buyer
Provide quality service at low rate
And Always share your gig


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