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I need your feedback


Hi lads,

I am pretty new to freelance scene and am not quite sure if I am on the right track with my gig.
I have created these three gigs offering developing single page landing page to developing fully functional website and single page web application. It would be highly appreciated if you guys be kind to give me some feedbacks.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.





I’ll leave the feedback on your category for someone who knows it better, but I can offer you one suggestion. There’s no harm in giving your gigs a test run as they are since you are brand new, but if weeks pass without messages or orders it may be that buyers will choose cheaper sellers without reviews since there is always more risk with newbies.

You might have to design a gig or package that you can sell at $5-10 to get a few reviews and then go back to your normal prices. Many sellers use cheaper prices to get rolling even if they have to do an hour of work for a pittance at first. Once buyers feel they can trust you they will risk more. This doesn’t mean you have to do it, though, a few sellers manage to get first orders with higher prices.


Fantastic advice. If a seller doesn’t have advantages that are clear to buyers, they may need to lower their price to create that as an advantage.


Your 3 gig titles are probably too similar. It isn’t clear from them what the main differences are between those gigs.

eg. you have a gig that says "I will build unique, responsive and high converting landing page "
and a gig that says “I will develop responsive high converting landing page” where the gig description says it’s unique.


Hi @sina30na, Go ahead…:grinning::grinning:


Yes. That distinction needs to be clear and in an objective way.