I need your help and suggestions


Please house,i need your help and suggestions on my fiverr account.No sale since i joined and i thought am doing the right thing on my gigs .See statistics of my gig as attached below.I really want to make money from this platform,that was why am here on fiverr.thanks, philly11


I would recommend hiring a professional editor to help you with your Gig titles and descriptions. You have a mispelling in your title alone here (the first gig listed, the word prefect) - I can’t imagine a Buyer would feel comfortable purchasing from someone in that situation.


I agree you do need some help with the writing, but also all your photos are all bitmapped. Anyone offering to do graphic or any type of technical computer work needs to make sure that their photos they upload are in a high enough resolution and fit the Fiverr format.

And other than that, it just takes time. Sometimes it can take a few weeks or a few months to make your first sale.


Thanks for your love but please what does the red arrow means


What do you mean red arrows, where is that from?