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I need your help everyone please

I got a order day before yesterday I delivered my work to him within an hour
He wanted me to make Google sheet presentation I made and he wanted me to send the link I sent him as delivery…and it delivered

I want to know that if the order had completed?
It’s not showing in my profile he also gave me review but I can’t see

Orders take three days to autocomplete, generally speaking.

You said that he gave you a review, but how do you know that he did if you didn’t see it?

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I just checked out your profile and can’t see any reviews. Hm. Did you get the notification for the review?

Nop not yet!!!
So what should I do now

He messaged me that I gave you

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So how do you know you have a review then? Did you actually send him the file in an order, or just as a message?

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Then it probably didn’t go through. Ask him to reconfirm, maybe (as long as it’s not too much trouble)?

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Just as message…,

Ok mam thank you very much

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Wait, so he didn’t actually place an order? You’ll have to ask him to actually order from you so you can get your money.

My money?
I didn’t get it mam…
Please explain

I’m just wondering if he actually an placed an order or not.

On the desktop site, go to selling > orders > completed. Is the order you sent in the completed section?

please contact your buyer again and tell him to place order properly