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I need your help please help me

Hi guys,

Please, I need your help in order to improve my gig not performances.

I will very much appreciate it if you can check my gig and check for any errors so that can I make corrections.
You can kindly share your experiences and tips as freelancers on fiverr and how best to many one’s gigs.


Firstly check your gig keywords and tags also and compere with this tags and keywords competitor what kind of tags they use and you should more then searchable keywords use in your gig. And send buyer request to get orders.

Thank you

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Check out YouTube I recently updated my gigs due to the same issue. I improved its SEO, keywords and learned the importance of images & videos. Obviosuly, you have to wait for some days, even weeks to the performance of your gig.

N yeah, don’t edit them again and again. Do all, give your 100% and wait. Will help you!

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