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I need your help plz

I have not sold anything for a while
Please log in to see my work and reply to me if there was a mistake in presenting the works

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Have you tried sending offers in Buyer Requests?

Yes and no reply…:confused:

Keep sending offers in suitable job requests. Listen to this episode of FiverrCast. Follow & gain.

Your tiltes are confusing and contains many English mistakes!
Rewrite them all.

The most I can think of is, your gigs are too specific and not many people would want those specific tasks. Instead of making gigs of the specific tasks, make gigs of your skills. Photoshop, 3D logo, 3D effect, Illustrator etc and use these specific tasks as portfolio showing your work. Gigs of skills refer to a wide range of working space within your ability.

And also check your English and grammar. Buyers prefer sellers with whom they can communicate easily. Your gigs English is a way of showing how eligible you are for communication.