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I need your help, so I can serve the community better

Hey gang!

I am trying to figure out how to best help our community.

If you can participate in the following poll, it would help me get a better understanding of how I can serve some juicy content I have prepared for you.

How would you prefer to consume content that would help you grow as sellers?
  • Long form articles (à la Medium)
  • Long form videos (à la YouTube stream)
  • Bite-sized visual aids (à la Instagram Carousel)
  • Bite-sized videos (à la YT/FB posts)
  • Live interactive lectures (à la zoom/icebreaker)
  • Video course (à la teachable)

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I am really looking forward to hearing what you prefer, so I can prioritize how I will start publishing content moving forward.

I have a lot of great subjects lined up and I am antsy to share them with you!


Thank you for this.

I personally started with YT tutorial videos about Fiverr in January and it is picking up momentum quite nicely. Not on a Carrieblogger or articulate Asian level, but still.

From what I have seen on YT you can post a “new” video about how to create a gig once a week and still get views.

Everything the seller needs is here:
and here:


If we remove the bug on site once in a while, 95% of forum topics are answered in one of those two links. People just have to read them all and watch them all before start selling.

I wish Fiverr implemented mandatory viewing and questionary before approving the account. It would help so many honest but lost sellers to get a better kick start with their portfolio.

And to finish it off, guess 2021 is the year of YT for us :smiley:


Cant wait to see it it!

Personally I prefer articles or Instagram carousel.
That way I can control the speed that I’m reading. And I find myself really impatient with videos. I always stop after 2 min and 1.5x speed and look if the video has a transcript. I also do a lot of learning and reading in early mornings or late evenings so I also prefer text over videos to avoid noise.

However I know that a lot of people probably will prefer YT videos


Thank you @marinapomorac for your feedback and insights.

I agree, most of the questions I see on the forum on a daily basis can be solved if people would visit the seller help center or watch one if the official videos.

My subject matter doesn’t touch upon Fiverr specifically but covers the principles of how to sell services online and how to do it well (drawing from my own personal experience, of course).

Hey @mariashtelle1 !

I am on the same boat as I prefer any medium where I control the pace.

I prefer live interactive lectures or IG carousels (since designing them will feel more natural to me) but let’s see what most people think.


I can keep my cool up to tip 3…


Maybe tip #1 needs to be:

“Stop doing shady stuff.”

I think Carousels are a good thing now, and I enjoy them better! I think that’s the best way for me personally.

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Thank you @rrebai for letting me know!

I think carousels have the advantage of allowing you to consume at your own pace, and because of their short form and visual nature of the content, information can be absorbed almost instantly.

Exactly, and the way they are. I think it’s easier for us to understand because it keeps you sliding, and every time you slide you learn something new, it doesn’t have that much text on it and it’s more likely to read, I think this gives us more focus on what we’re reading rather than a lot of text on it, speaking about my experience.



Question. How are you going to promote your IG or YT when that is not allowed here?

I posted a link (and I am doing it again just to prove my point: ***********.
and it was removed for self-promotion.

Will this be labeled by mods that “you are trying to get followers on your personal account”?

Mod Note: Youtube link removed.

I would love to see off Fiverr tutorials/videos on the forum, but to post your tutorials/off-site links on the forum it needs to be checked by Fiverr Staff (or at least Moderator Team)


well, my initial thoughts were to see the type of content most people preferred, which would then tell me what I need to do.

I can still post articles here like I usually do, or the occasional video.

As for the other stuff, like IG and the likes, I wouldn’t post links here without approval from the mod team and Matt.

Does that sound about right @wp_kid ?


So I can post Franks link, and he can post my link, but not vice versa?

How do we get that part in progress? People often tell me they do not have time to read TOS so I made audio version of entire TOS, they can listen while they cook or exercise.

By contacting CS. :wink:

100% :white_check_mark:


CS of the main site or forum MOD? So for every new video I would have to send link to CS open ticket and ask for approval?

Best is open a ticket on Main Site. They will provide some guidelines as well.

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I really liked @coerdelion’s mini videos, as I’m a visual/hands-on learner. The quality might not have been the best, but the content absolutely was.