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I Need Your Help! Which of these photos should I use as my Gig Photo?


I think the red one would stand out more in the search results. It’s eye catching.

However, I think the black one is more relevant. But, doesn’t really stand out in search.

This is my gig I am trying to decide on -

Which one should I make my main gig image for best chance of getting sales? :frowning: I just don’t know!


I like the red circle. :slight_smile:


Reply to @crcanny: Because it stands out?


Red one is a stronger graphic. I’d go with it to capture the greatest attention. (*)


Reply to @prohelper27: It catches the eye quickly when you glance over it. Remember, people don’t read much text. :wink:


Reply to @crcanny: Ok, well, since everyone seems to agree… I guess I will leave the red one as my main gig photo and use the other one as a second photo.


The red one is the best!


Reply to @paulforex: I don’t appreciate your spamming on my forum post. :frowning:

Please post this in the “Fiver gigs” section of the forum and not on random forum discussions.


Red as it is going to stand out!


Hey My Friend, Red it is . Coz its Catchy . Plus Red if my Fav. Color