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I need your help?

hey !
1st of im very thankfull to all of you.and i hope all is doing good.
this is not about to advertised my gig.i want your check out my gig and what im doing not good at.and i manage everything very properly.but you need check out please.

Hi there @itszaman, I hate to ruin your day…BUTTT you’re using copyright material… Dell is a well- known brand so you better showcase your work and not just a copy from the internet. You can get banned for this.

Also, get rid of Unlimited Revisions, you don’t want to create dozens of business cards to just one client, do you?

You should ask a friend who’s good in English to rewrite your description. Or search for an English Writer here on Fiverr that can do the job, and it is your money well-spend.

Good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


OMG :smiley: I see only darkness & bad times in that Gig :smiley:


ok thank you its helping.

thank you for your comment.
calm down bro .im just new

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We understand that you are new, everyone needs to start some where right? The place where you should have started is the Terms of Service. If you took the time to read it you would have seen that all gig images and descriptions need to be your own. Showcase your original work, make some samples and display your own actual skill.

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thank you so much for your time.
lets me check all in deep