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I need your help πŸ™πŸ™

Hi , I need your help …
it’s been three months on fiverr and I don’t get any orders …
please tell me what is your opinion in my profile and where is the mistake ??!!


I think you need to write more standard description which is seo friendly.

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  1. There is a watermark on the video
  2. You need a more detailed description
  3. Package descriptions need to be longer

I would recommend either finding a way to remove the watermark or make your own video. Write more about the packages and use more words in the description.

Also I would recommend that you remove the part about having to contact you before ordering because it adds hassle to the transaction. I would bite the bullet and let them send over the clip and you do your best.

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Follow these steps and I wish you will get your order soon.
First of all do proper research about your job category and find some best unique keywords. Then make a perfect gig based on the keywords. You can put these keywords in the gig description. Make sure that your gig title and description must be a unique one.
Second thing is that Daily send effective buyer request.
And remember one thing that is never ever violate fiverr rules.
Hope that you will get your first order very soon.

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I think your henna service has less job. And your translation service has a lot of jobs. If you are facing less impression and click on translation service gig, I think you should research others Gig. Your gig title should be unique and searchable, focus on your gig description and tags. After creating a perfect gig, marketing your gig and try to activate most of the time. Hope you will succeed.

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Thank you that was very helpful

Thanks for the advice :blush::blush::blush:

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Thank you I appreciate your advice