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I need your help :(

Ok,so I’ve been on fiverr since Decembar last year but I put my first gig up about two months ago…and in that time I had only one order. I really don’t know what to do. Can somebody please help me and maybe as an impartial observer point out why I’m not getting any orders. Thank you all
hey check out my gig for any pdf work thanks…
i am newbie and wants to increase reputation.

sorry for bad english

Hey Biljana, have you considered sending in requests under the Buyer’s Requests category? It’s worked for a lot of people and helped increase their sales, maybe it could benefit you as well. Other things that you could do to improve your sales can maybe include switching up the keywords that reflect your gigs ( Fiverr gives you upto 5 word tags that you can use to enhance your gig’s visibility in its search engine), spreading the word about your gig through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc), and maybe even having a look at the descriptions, packages and pricing of other top sellers in your category for a rough outline. Copying is strictly looked down upon on Fiverr, but you can check their gigs for an idea about how they go about their services and maybe that can inspire you to tweak bits of your gig. The key is to offer unique, so make sure your gig stands out from the others out there. Good luck, don’t lose hope. :slight_smile:

maanza_55 thank you for your advice. I’ve tried sending offers to a lot of buyer’s requests but I guess nobody wants to hire a complete newbie, so i didn’t get any gigs. I’ll try changing my word tags, maybe that would help.

Dear Biljana:

I took a quick look at your gigs. I’d suggest you add video to all of them. I’d also suggest that you make sure you have 3 images for each gig.

Good luck,

Dear Mr Blaise,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my gigs and thank you for your advice. I’ll try to put up videos and more pictures in the next few days and maybe that will help

Hello Bijana!

Sorry to hear about your ordeal but to b honest with you, as a new seller on fiverr, the best place to get your orders is the Buyer Request Section. Your gig may not be up in the search except for new arrivals thus the amount of traffic you receive will be small. So your only sure bet is the Buyer Request section. When you get 3 to 5 orders from this section with good review, then you gig will begin to rank higher. But there is more to the BR and thats the bidding war. I think you have to make some sacrifices such as bidding a bit low. It works for me and the most important thing is to ensure you have a compelling description when sending the request. Let the Buyer know what you can do and why you are the best for the job.
Put the above in practice and I believe things will be better.


Hi genius_designz!
Thank you for your time and your advices. I think I ll have to work a bit on my description when sending my offer cause I guess as a newbie i just assume that if I know that I can do the job right and have what it takes that the seller knows that too :slight_smile: