I need your opinion about my country! [ARCHIVED]


What do you know about my country Indonesia?

How famous Indonesia in your country?


Well, to be frank, Indonesia is a complex country for me. While I am not an Islamophobe, I am concerned with the link between faith based nations and civil rights. The civil rights struggle in Indonesia is something that is top of mind for me.

I do think the economic transformation taking place and move to entrepreneurship is great!


@anar… Thanks


Convo too deep for me, backing out of the room…


Reply to lparziale: I thought this would be about selling to clients from that country, WAIT UP I am right behind ya Ipa


People in the U.S. know about Indonesia and travel there a bit. The wealthier financial guys in the U.S. tend to set up shop in Indonesia do to low cost of labor and the fair level of skill that they have.