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I need your opinion. Everyone participates. ♥ plz

Hello all, I hope you are well

Frankly, I am a new seller
This is my first post in the Fiverr forum community
I need your opinion on improving the gig
I want to know your first impression
Is gig attractive?
Is it missing anything?
Should it be improved?
Is this service blockbuster?

Here is my gig link.
Thank :innocent:


Please some help me plz

New seller, zero reviews, your video shows reviews on Fiverr.

Music is distracting, font is inconsistent, most of the time there is too much text, no one has time to pause the video and read all that.

Only one photo in GIG, no PDF…

grow your 2 days?

Grow mine 2 days?

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Thank you so much
Get these tips :heart::heart:

You will get banned. Simple as that.

  1. You do NOT own the copyright to New Order’s Blue Monday, that I can guarantee.
  2. You speak for Fiverr “Here at Fiverr we pride ourselves…” Who the hell are you to say that?
  3. You have zero reviews, and show a bunch of reviews on the video, implying they are related to Fiverr.
  4. That’s not you in the photo.

I would advise you to delete your gigs and start all over, otherwise you should just get banned, and good riddance.

Also, btw, your pricing is very dumb. In what world does this make sense??


carry on , wish you best of luck

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I deeply apologize.
i have no ill intentions
Just be, I want to get some advice about the gig
I will make adjustment now
thank you.

By the way, this is a picture of my sister
We are cooperating on this account

I apologize again
I am so sorry for what I did

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