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I need your opinion for this

Hello, I am a graphic designer.

This week, I decided to get started on Fiverr and I created my gigs .

I would like to know how many “stars” you give to my gigs presentation Maximum 5 stars

Link -->


@malakrovi Welcome to Fiverr Forum. :v: Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck! :slight_smile:


3 stars.

  1. Your gig description and packages doesn’t match.
    In your standard gig it says that you don’t offer vector file and source file and in your description you are saying that you will provide them.
    In your premium package on the gig you are saying that they will also get stationery designs but you don’t mention it at all in your gig description.

  2. You used al you 3 images for the same logo
    (And emre in the corner, which I hope is your signature” is just a font from creative market)
    You had 3 shots to showcase your work with 3 images and you kind of wasted 2 of them. People want to see more examples of your work and what you are capable to create but or different angles of the same logo.

  3. You have prices higher than the most (which is totally fine and actually still quite low for Europe) however in fiverr you do need to convince people that they will get their value for money and your design will be better that thousands of other minimalist 5$ logo offers.