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I need your opinion on my poster design

I am thinking about creating a new gig, “I will create a trendy poster for you” or something like that…
Well, I am currently making some posters for a portofolio and the gallery and I would like your opinion on this one that I attached to this topic.
ALSO, for all the skater out there I know that the skate day has already happened this year, I am just making this because I had an Idea in my head for it and I love skateboarding :smiley:
For the style, I wanted it to look like it is hand drawn, doodley something (What kind of word is doodley lol), I just hope that It looks like a fun poster.

I will later upload 2-3 more posters asking the same thing to see if the posters are good enough for a gig :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the feedback!