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I need your precious help with something here


I have updated a gig and have changed its preview images in the gallery but those don’t seem to appear in the gig. Is the problem because of the uploaded images are of high resolution or is there any issue. Please check if you are able to see the images in the gallery and let me know a solution if you have gone through the same problem. Here


Try deleting all 3 gig images, then upload them again.


delete pic and resize pic


I already tried that. Now will try again after resizing them. thanks btw


Thanks a lot bro ! its done :+1:


Deleted your previous photos and uploaded them again. The size of the picture is definitely 4: 3


You just Re upload Your 3 Image. Before put on dimension 1806px & 1214px Size. This Dimension Must be High Definition. Than if you face this problem, please check your Browser Image Block Option. Any How set the Image block Add on you mast face this problem again.

Thanks .


Delet the old ones and resize then the upload it or you get a new pictures for it mine happened like that before


First delete your gig image. Then resize them as 4:3 ratio like 800 X 600 or 1080 X 720