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I need your some information help, Please

Hello! I’m a Bachelor. I do freelancing as a profession. I’ve heard my roommate saying, If Fiverr found two accounts are using the same IP Connection, Fiverr will ban both of the accounts. Why Fiverr should ban if we are not the same person? We are bachelor, Me and my roommate both work on Fiverr from the same wifi connection. It’s not possible to take multiple wifi connections for each. is it true? are there any chances to be banned by Fiverr if our wifi connection is same? then what’s the solution to this issue?

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If two people share an IP address and have gigs in the same category, their accounts are likely to be banned at some point.

If two people share an IP address but want to have gigs in different categories (they’ll offer different services), they can contact CS for permission to operate both accounts. At the moment, permission seems to be granted frequently.

There is no way around the rules above. They’re in place to stop banned users coming back and to stop people with multiple accounts gaining an unfair advantage.


We both are graphics designers, but both of our designing techniques are different. so there’s a chance to get banned?

Yeah I respect all of their rules. but what about users like us…

Fiverr isn’t going to make themselves vulnerable for your sake. Your circumstances don’t change that.


I posted this for solutions or tips, not for general knowledge speech… I haven’t said yet to change fiverr’s rules for me.

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Thanks for adding this.

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That’s my point. There IS no solution. Any solution would require Fiverr to make themselves vulnerable. That is why they don’t do it.

You’re looking for a workaround and we’re all telling you there isn’t one.


Where there is a Will there is a Way

I have Read somewhere here on Fiver YES YOU CAN DO IT ( Under some rules)

You will need to get in touch with Fiverr customer support and tell them your situation, upon verifying your above statements, Fiverr MAY OR MAY NOT allow this

if allowed, Make sure to keep the screen shot of the message you will get from support rep in case your account gets banned.

The one I read about was 2 Person using same laptop (Different browser) and selling in different Categories

So there is very high chance of you getting banned and not getting any permission from customer support about it.

I think you should contact customer support

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If you use two accounts in two computers with one ip address .It is no problem.
But you can’t use two accounts in one computer.


That isn’t true at all. Fact check, please. No idea where you got this from as no one tracks behavior by computer. That isn’t really even possible.

The IP is what gets people into trouble.


thanks for information

You have to understand how IP addressing works.
Though you and your roommates are on the same network, that doesn’t mean everyone has the same IP address. When both of you using the same network, that means you’re using a modem that has an external IP address, and it will stay the same for both of you and everyone else who uses the same network.

But, like every device have a unique physical address when you will be connected to the internet, it will have an internal (and unique) IP address. So, when both of you are connected to the internet using the same modem, you have the same external IP address but different internal IP addresses.
So, if you don’t login multiple accounts from one device, Fiverr will always get the reports of you and your teammates using separate IP addresses, and that shouldn’t be an issue.


That’s why i was saying, thanks for your comment… perfect opinion from someone…

Every device has a different mac address. That’s call internal IP Address. There shouldn’t be a problem or issue if the devices aren’t same.

I think they just look at IP addresses

and this brings up the question: if what you say is accurate, why is it that people have been banned from using more than one account, when they’ve been working in something like a coffee shop or co working space?

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Wrong! I said, like a physical address. That doesn’t mean physical address is IP address. Your device already has a physical address, whether it’s connected to the internet or not. However, when you are connected to the internet, it assigns an Internal IP address for itself which is unique, and yes, it changes periodically!

They are just signing in multiple accounts from a single device and coffeehouse or co-working space with the same networks are just false claims. I have been using my account from February 2017 with a shared network where three of my buddies are regular Fiverr user and when some teamwork/hangout going on, there are maybe 6-7 people use the Fiverr account. Never heard of any issues with anyone’s account!

And, yes, they look up at the IP address, not the physical address.
But, my point is when you are connected to the internet, your device assigns an Internal IP address, which is always unique. Unless you log in multiple accounts with the same device, it will report back to one account with one IP, no problem at all.

Long story short: If you and your dad are connected to the same Wi-Fi with two different devices, yours and your dad’s IP addresses are not same.


Thanks, I know. Please read what I was responding to.

While I failed to note internal IP, I was correcting someone who said that the IP wasn’t a factor in a ban.