I need your suggestion!


Please look at my gigs and profile !

Can you please tell me why i’m not getting orders ?


It’s nothing wrong with your profile you got some catchy gig covers there. The thing is, this designing category is the most competitive category here. It has become more of a flea market. So don’t just sit all day and worrying why you’re not getting orders because it may take forever.
I may suggest to add a new gig of something unique and less competitive to get started.
And NEVER miss your offers in buyer requests section. You can make 10 offers a day so use them well and wisely. They matter a lot in getting orders in the start.


I changed your title and moved your post to a better category. :slight_smile:


Take on board the suggestions made by @saad_nagi. Your last delivery was 2 days ago so I think you just need to be patient.


hi every one same with me , no idea where the problem in my gigs , no buyer requests . pls help . thanks


@andleebuzma. If you want help you need to create your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”.


oohh i am sorry . and thanks


Are you marketing or promoting your gig anywhere else, other than Fiverr? Maybe that would help. :wink:


ya some time on facebook but nothing happens


Are you connected to your target customers, or are you just posting random links to your friends? Your friends are not going to make you successful. You need to be promoting your services to the people that need them. Figure out who your target customers are, and then go tell them about what you do. THAT is how you build a business and earn sales.