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I need your suggestions

i recieved an order on my logo animation gig and he didnt discuss whether it could be done or not, i mean its a job for like high-qualified experience animator and would take days.
nonetheless i tried doing it and stuck at somepoint and in animation you always need a referance/idea of some kind.
he just sends an order of 30 second logo, which is not im offering, i only do 5-6 seconds logo.

my questions are ?
can i ask him to cancel the order ?
if its cancelled, will it effect my gig or profile ? only answer this if you know
and is there any way to cancel the order without effecting the gig, i mean like support ticket etc ?


First, I glanced at your ‘animated logo’ gig and saw nothing on how long or short the animation limits are. Since you haven’t put any in place, you have implied that you have no length limit. So, yes, you currently are offering 30 seconds.
Second: If the seller has filled in all the mandatory requirement sections you’ve placed in your gig, then you should have enough information to fulfil the order.

It sounds like you should probably fix your gig descriptions and requirements.

As for the current order, the only way to maybe cancel without effect is to go through Customer Support. This process can take weeks, currently, and even then, they might not grant your request.

For your consideration:


thanks for the help but i also needed help with information that cancellations effect on particular gigs or on profile ?

I requested the buyer to compromise on the length briefing that i would deliver the quality work with a 20-sec intro, he was very kind and compromised me on this.

Yes, cancellations affect your profile. That is how Fiverr encourages sellers to take steps to minimize that chances of cancellations. The better your gig is built, the clearer the boundaries, the less likely someone will try to take advantage of you in a way that would result in a cancellation.