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I nees friends to help me

Hello everyone, I’m a new seller on Fiverr, i wanna get some new informations about selling, how can i get grades.
I need friends to help me with that please.
thank you :slight_smile:


good create a gig based on the service you want to render

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I did but i still don’t get orders.

Hi, laasrinadia,

Meet your newest BFF :sunglasses:
She’ll give you honest advice.


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send offer through buyer request

Hi nadia, you must understand that this is a waiting game. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. The buyers request platform is yours to make use of. Keep using it and with time orders will start flowing in.


Try to promote your gig’s on social media platform’s
it will help you to get order’s

If you visit the Fiverr blog you will get lots of exact information base on your requirements.

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thank you for the informations guys <3