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I netted 15,600$ so far!

Hi my dear well wishers. I am extremely glad and upbeat about this minute. I have crossed 15,600$ on this month. Thank to omnipotent god.


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Net Income - it is the total not just one month.
You should be over 100-200k.

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Congratulations - But you’ve already posted about this. Isn’t this just spam at this point? Surely you can’t post a new thread every time you make a sale?


Its total so far until now

In a previous post, you specified that the income for that month is 15k. The attached screen contradicts you, you are a Fiverr member from 2018, and your total income is a little over 15k.
Congratulations, but I think you exaggerate a bit in your posts. It’s just a personal opinion.


Thank you for your wish!. Btw i edited the topic now after seeing your comment. It was ‘’ I netted 15600$ this month’’ but i should add there the word ‘‘until’’

congratulations.Best wish for your future

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Thank you so much dear.

wow! great achievement :+1:

Great. keep it up. :slight_smile:

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