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I never faced such a weird client

It is very sad to see the supremacy of the buyer regarding their feedback. I received a logo design order yesterday, it was a $5 gig and I got started at my earliest.

I showed the work progress to the client with more number of samples than described in my gig along with some variations.
He replied after 12 hours apologizing that he was late since he was too busy with work and that file number 5, out of my samples was " perfect :blush: ", I confirmed the file and sent him the logo files with a slight variation and contrast change to make it gel with the background.

He rejected the delivery stating that he did not like the final produced logo. I asked him that should I send the file as it was, and he said that’s fine.
So I send him the delivery and got a 3-star rating!

Neither did he ask for modifications, nor added any suggestions and marked the order complete even though few hours back he said that file number 5 is perfect!

I know many of the sellers regularly face such clients and its just sad to see their supremacy affecting our ratings.

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Well, you did ask him what logo he liked best, and he told you that he liked #5. But then you “sent him the logo files with a slight variation and contrast change…”, so, to be honest, you didn’t send him the logo that he approved. You changed it, and then sent it.

I can see why he might have been upset. You didn’t send him what he approved.

He DID reject the order, which is kind of the same as asking you for a modification to fix it, because he didn’t like what you sent. When you did finally send what he wanted, he gave you an “average” rating. A 3-star rating is average. I don’t see anything wrong with him having chosen to do so. He is able to rate you however he sees fit, based upon his experience with you. His experience sounds like it was only average, and he rated the order appropriately.

Sellers are not guaranteed 5-star reviews, just because they want them. A 3-star review is a lot better than a pure negative 1-star review. Be happy that he didn’t give you the worst possible review, and move on.


There is a difference between a draft(it was clearly written its a draft and it undergo minor adjustments like positioning, color contrast, etc) and a final copy,

  1. It was not aligned,
  2. It need a little color contrasting.
    Moreover, what I sent him was a screenshot of the work, that too in smaller resolution it was NOT possible to make out the difference in any way.

Irrespective, his changes were made within 10 minutes of his rejection of delivery and he was sent all the previous files along with other files.
Of course he can rate whatever he fits. Buyer supremacy, irrespective of the quality of work, irrespective of communication.

He rated 1 out of 5 in communication, even when he was late in responding to which I replied in seconds.

Nevertheless, its not the “just” want part mate, you work hard, and then they rate you bad for this reason? I have had numerous sellers who asked for multiple revisions and with the quality of work, they’ve been overjoyed.

What else can do without moving on! :smiley:

I don’t know what else to suggest. The order is complete, and you have a review. It is what it is. Hopefully future orders aren’t as challenging for you.