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I never get notifications for my inbox messages


Hello there,
I realized that for some reason I don’t get notifications when someone messages me. I get the messages literally after two days they were send and it’s affecting my response time :frowning:

Actually, someone sent me a message and I couldn’t see it in the mobile app. I noticed this when I was in my laptop. And I can’t even see it in my laptop anyways. Maybe because the person deleted the message… But it’s weird. It keeps showing me that I got that message in the website, I can’t read it though.

Thanks for reading I guess :frowning:


Stay connected & be patient


Check “archived” messages. Sometimes messages automatically go into “archived”.


Do not worry stay active and get reply as soon as possible


Check the spam folder. It seems to happen sometimes that posts that get caught by the Fiverr spam filter and should of course not count against the response rate do count either way.
And I dimly remember I saw I got a message on the app some time ago which I could not read but found then on my laptop in the spam folder.

About the 2 days delay, you should better contact support. I sometimes have slight delays too but only minutes or so, and often I get the message on the app even before on the desktop. Don’t forget to tell them your phone model and OS version.


Do not worry stay active and get reply as soon as possible