I never got an "order page"


Hi All, I’m a new buyer on Fiverr and I never received an “Order Page”. I had the order # from my PayPal invoice but even with that could never contact Customer Service as apparently I need the tab to do so from the “Order Page”. Can anyone tell me any other way to reach Customer Service? Because of this my Seller and I had to mutually cancel our gig. Very disappointing and I lost a week on my project and my Seller has had to worry about negative feedback since the gig was not completed.


To further kjblynx’s comment, I’m also a buyer on fiverr (as well as a seller).

You should be able to find the order by navigating to this link:



Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, it would. If the payment is received an order is automatically generated. It happened to me earlier today when I purchased a gig and received an error message immediately after payment, and it was a simple case of navigating to the above page, which may prove difficult for a new buyer; hence the reason I posted.