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I Never Received My Money From Fiverr


A few days ago I tried to withdraw my funds and I kept getting error messages when I would click on either paypal, fiverr revenue card, or direct deposit. I figured it was a technical glitch so I would try again later. When I checked back later I had a notice that the withdraw was successful but I didnt know where the money went. I checked my paypal and bank account and there are no deposits from fiverr. When I contacted customer service they told me payoneer made the withdraw and to contact them about the issue. I did and I still havent received a response. I don’t even have a payoneer account or a fiverr revenue card so how was it successful then? I only clicked on the fiverr revenue card button because I was getting irritated with the error messages and I wanted to see if it would change something. This doesnt make any sense to me and I think its complete bs. Its like the money just vanished. wtf.


Welcome to Fiverr, heh. Did you click Direct Deposit? If you didn’t have an account with Payoneer then it should have brought you to a registration screen. The site had been glitchy the last couple of days so maybe that had something to do with it. You should just keep pressing customer service and let them know every detail. Sometimes you got to keeping nagging them until they finally pay attention to what you’re writing.

I'm deactivating my account and going somewhere else

Yes I did click on direct deposit in the withdraw section and I kept receiving error messages. I forget what the error messages said exactly. All customer service does is tell me the same thing over and over again.


Try Paypal. You should get emails for every step of the way using Paypal. I have noticed it takes a while to have the money load in anywhere else