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I never send Offer.. But someone Auto Order to me

Even I haven’t send any offer or request for a order as well. But buyers auto send send me order with accept of my question. Secondly Buyer’s don’t send complete details. and don’t give me any access on spreadsheet.

I will open ORDER DISPUTE for cancel to order. Its will make negative on my ranking or not…


That’s how Fiverr is intended to work. Buyers can order whenever they like, unless you’re in Out of Office mode, or unless your gigs are paused.

Every cancellation lowers the ranking of the gig.


Not every time any more. I had someone who ordered the same gig 3 times in a row when he couldn’t get the first order to add extras. Two were cancelled and it didn’t affect my rating.

True, but in OP’s case, if he wants to cancel merely because the buyer did not contact him first, I doubt CS would not count it against his stats. :thinking:

However, I see the buyers do not seem to be responding to OP either, so maybe…


If they don’t respond to him that could mean that CS will cancel without it affecting him.


I meant ranking in search, not orders completed.

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If did not rating on my gig… bcuz buyer can’t send me more details and never give me access on google document…