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I New and completely alone in a circle of experienced or simply knowledgeable your profession people


Hello, good traveler. Whoever you are, I’m very happy to see you. Please sit down and listen to a nice story about me.

You can call me just hunger (hunger). I want to warn you that my English is not very good, but I try to communicate more clearly. I am an Amateur artist who tries to overcome his perfectionism and draws for fun. Digital and traditional artist. At the moment, almost self-aware. An avid lover of mythical creatures, but also especially fond of magnificent birds. Also interested in buying and selling various characters. I’m also a fan of 3D modeling, but I’ve never been able to create models. At the time, I was drawn into such a topic as texturing, somewhere from the beginning of 2018, but I did not stay on it for more than two years. I decided to go deeper into the design and concept of the works, as it turned out to be closer to my heart.

I joined Fiverr in 2018. I accidentally found this site in my bookmarks. Since I do not understand English well and use the help of an interpreter , it was very difficult for me to get used to it. Despite this, I always try very hard to Express my thoughts as correctly as possible. Well, my first open order was made after many views of artists ’ ads, since I was afraid to make a mistake. You know, it really helped me (but I edited post a couple of times). I wanted to offer my services in drawing your characters. For example, a variety of canines or dragons. A day passed, two, a week, two weeks…month… Unfortunately, no one took at least one order from me. I was a little upset about this, because I started to get some not very good thoughts like: “I’m probably quite inexperienced. What if I’m overcharging? It seems that all this is unsuccessful.” Well. After such a failure, I disappeared for about 2 years. Now I’m back here. Having gained more experience, confidence and patience, I make another attempt to offer myself as an Illustrator. In fact, a lot has happened to me over such a long period of time, but I think I’ll stop here.

I will go directly to my works and your opinion about them.

Most recently, I updated the post with a suggestion of my art. It is very strange that I only upload 3 files to the gallery. I had to make a collage with examples. I would like fans to appreciate these works, because for me it is really important. I would appreciate constructive criticism, if any. For the rest, I hope that I can attract or interest someone.

In the future, I plan to make a post offering digital art in full growth. I think this will also take care of the demand.

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Hi there and welcome to the forum. Your dragons look nice!

In addition to the 3 gig images, you can also upload … I think 2 … PDF format files to showcase some more of your art. Hope that helps.

Good luck this time around!