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I no longer feel motivated to work on the site

I have been working on fiverr for 6 years now, I’m happy to see that I helped to make the site grow and to have a platform for freelancers that really worked and was very innovative.
I was a top level seller for many years and two months ago for not answering to some spammers my response rate dropped and I was demoted 2 levels, I’m level 1 now.


No matter what I did, my response rate was 88%-89% at most. Then for no reason after 2 months it went from 88 to 98% in one day, which finally reflects something real, meaning I will be level 2 next September 14, but I’m no longer motivated and I know I could stay there forever until the “gods” from fiverr decide to put me on top level seller again, which frankly, I no longer care.

My sales have dropped 50%.

I find this is not really helping quality, in fact, it stresses me out and depresses me.

Customer support

In the past, customer support was always there for you, now they can’t do anything. The response to my last 10 tickets about different issues has been “sorry, there’s nothing we can do about that”.

The $2 they charge to place an order
It started at $0.50, now it is $2. When it got to $2 clients stopped ordering Order Extras, so I no longer earn that extra but on rare occasions.

The client is always right
They can cancel orders, abuse, cheat and not get punished and we sellers always pay for it.

Constant pressure
No only did I have to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes to answer messages to get my response rate back on track, but now the site implements things without warning which put extra pressure and stress me out.
Example: A few days ago they paused all of my gigs because they said I was using the same image. I created new images for my gigs which turned out beautifully and were probably necessary, but a warning message would have been logical and nice. Instead my gigs were paused for a day until they approved them the next day, making me lose money and the site also lost money.

Not only the $2 order service fee but not they also take money from tips.

Shoot first ask questions later
My girlfriend’s account was disabled yesterday, they sent her an email saying “more than one account is not allowed”, she doesn’t have another account so they probably thought this since sometimes we switch computers. But now we don’t now how long it will take for her to get her account back, we wrote to support yesterday and haven’t received any answers, they are fast for punishing but slow at solving things.

So it’s like I’m constantly fighting the site and the new annoyances they’re implementing. I don’t know about you but I no longer feel like a freelancer: I feel they are treating me like a slave.

Not everything is bad. Something I learned from this experience is that I want to do something else with my life: I realize the translation career is slowly dying. Sites meant for translators don’t work well; it is hard to get hired and sometimes they don’t pay. I have very few customers outside of this site. I also tried other famous sites similar to fiverr and they were a rip off.

So I now want to focus on writing! I wrote a book a few years ago and just kind of left it there to see if people liked it and they did and has been selling. And so now that my fiverr sales have dropped 50% I’m writing again and want to slowly regain full independence through writing.

I will slowly leave the site and the translation career altogether.


Customer service is no good at all at the present time.


I agree to with many of your points like charge $2 from buyer. However some reasons like “Rank drop” is what seller has to take care of. Change is a universal rule so I guess Fiverr is trying to make platform more reliable for everyone so we need to adjust ourselves with the new rules.


Nothing lasts forever…who is next? We do not know…I believe the best of Fiverr days= 2014-2016 model (Just my opinion).


I agree wholeheartedly with most of the grievances shared. You are not the only one feeling this way. Many Sellers (some friends & acquaintances) have moved on to greener pastures. Others put themselves in OOO mode, paused their gigs to focus on other businesses and projects.

I call this the Mo’ money, mo’ problems effect! :panda_face: :moneybag:

I’ve had Buyers reached out to me to say “farewell” that they will no longer be using this platform due to the extra fees and other annoyances. As a Pro Buyer (a new club they recently rolled out) this really rubs me the wrong way. Especially, tipping Sellers I still gotta pay a fee. Hell, I placed the order I paid the fee, but tips? C’mon bruh that’s crazy.

I’ve cut back on my shop til’ I drop habit on this platform. :shopping:

This is when you should really take a step back and look at the bigger :framed_picture: picture. No platform on this earth is worth the trouble or the aggravation to put your mental health in jeopardy. There is much more to life than 5r. Your health comes first.

Take care of you! :pineapple:

If I’m in bed… I would never wake up in the wee mornings to answer messages. No flippin’ way! 5r gave us 24-hours to respond to the 1st message from a user. When I’ve had my coffee/breakfast and take care of other responsibilties, then I’ll answer messages. I’m not here to run a 24/7 operation, that’s unrealistic.

All good things must come to end at some point. This is the beauty of life… You have the ability to explore & conquer other goals & passions.

Paul shared this info a few days ago. In fact, many of us suspected that 5r was on the verge of taking the IPO plunge. So, they are cleaning up their act or should I say draining the :crocodile: swamp.

Anyway, I’ll stop here, because I could go on and on like the energizer :rabbit: bunny.


Exactly how I feel lately as well…

I lost all my motivation and ‘hope’ here and do not see the light in the tunnel, not future here…

So many things need to be improved, I won’t even start…

And it is sad, as I was working so hard and was so motivated for 3 years…not it feels as waste of time…

P.S. I also have the response problem… no matter how fast I answer to everyone…it drops!


I submitted a ticket and got their response in 24 hours. They should be a little faster…

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That’s true indeed. But some of us have just started.


I suppose Fiverr has to do that. If not, buyers and sellers could regularly collude to bypass some or all of the usual fees. That would open another can of worms. You’d get buyers refusing to provide the agreed tip, and the seller being out of pocket with no protection from Fiverr.

The rest of your post makes a lot of sense, though. I find this current trend of demotivated sellers very worrying. I use Fiverr solely as a buyer at the moment. It’s no good for me if my seller isn’t happy, and it’s no good for them, either. This is their life, after all!


One cannot provide quality if feeling demotivated and treated unfairly. I don’t understand why buyers don’t have ratings. If you see a buyer with a bad rating because he’s been abusive/mean, you could just avoid selling to him and this would also prevent scammers.

I was a FREElancer, you know, FREE. Now I’m checking fiverr even at night to see what surprise could come across and demotivated, I feel like a SLAVE.

Once my girlfriend is able to withdraw her money she’s not going to continue working on the site. We even had a discussion today because I had told her to withdraw the funds and she didn’t and now her account is disabled. We wouldn’t have cared about it if she had withdrawn them. She’s just gonna quit, she’s fed up.


Gosh, as I’m writing this another idiot paid $5 for his order which is work worth over $200 and too technical, so I had to cancel and immediately my completion rate dropped from 95 to 94% and cs won’t be able to do anything about it, woohoo!

I don’t know why I’m angry anymore. This site is dead anyways


You could, but then you would have to cancel their order, frustrate them because you arbitrarily decided their order wasn’t valuable to you, and frustrate yourself because you chose to cancel a valid order and your cancellation rating was negatively impacted.

As much as it would be handy to see a buyer’s overall rating, I do see why Fiverr doesn’t offer that for us sellers to see. There are sellers who would use that information to show undue – even unwarranted – bias towards whomever they chose not to like, and that bias would hurt Fiverr, and their reputation as a top freelance site. Fiverr doesn’t want to do that, and certainly not now, if they are indeed preparing for an IPO.

Then don’t work here on Fiverr. It’s as simple as that. The very definition of a slave is someone who doesn’t have a choice in, or control over, their fate. You have complete control over where you work, and how you work. Fiverr is not forcing you to stay here if you don’t like the rules. You are free to make your own choices. You are nowhere near being anywhere close to the status of a slave.

That is her choice. I wish her well, whatever road she chooses to travel next.


Trust me, I’m working towards that, but I cannot let anger make me take an irrational decision. Right now the goal is to quit the site, I’m already working towards that.

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A wise choice. Nothing good comes from irrational decisions.

You can add me to the growing list of disgruntled sellers. I joined way back in 2010 (8 years!!) and earned over 12k with 1000’s of orders and a 4.9 rating, but when the new rules came in my rank dropped to nothing because I wasn’t replying to spam and 1 buyer gave a bad rating because of HIS mistake, so I’ve been trying to dig out of the hole ever since, but it’s just not possible. Once you’re screwed then that’s it.

Then they killed my 2 most popular gigs for reasons that make no sense at all, so now my last order was a month ago. I went from orders every day for 8 YEARS to now nothing, so of course I had to move on. It’s a horrible way to treat sellers who have supported them since the beginning, but now these same disgruntled sellers are posting their negative experiences all over the net, so hopefully the future investors will see what kind of company they are dealing with.

Anyway, adios and I wish all the sellers well. It’s been a bumpy ride for sure. Good luck Wyclef!!


For a buyer-oriented platform, it’s a mistake. I know people who are no longer giving tips on Fiverr because of the tips.

That’s the most frustrating part. The good old days are over.


Oh my God, guess what? fiverr just answered about my girlfriend’s account saying that “it will be permanently disabled” because they “consider us family” because we live together, and “families cannot work on fiverr” or something like that.

At this point it is completely unclear if they will let her withdraw the more than $200 she had in her account. What should we do. I think we need to take this somewhere.


agree with you :+1: :slight_smile:

But families can work on Fiverr. They can’t offer the same service and they can’t share email address or a PayPal/Payoneer account, but with an advance notice to Customer Support, family members are allowed to work on Fiverr.


I’ve been a seller here for more than 3 years, and I agree with you completely. Fiverr must have its reasons, of course, and having high-quality, experienced sellers tainting the slave market is probably not what they want for their business model. To each his own, I guess.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to earn a living that they have given me throughout these years, but at one point (somewhere between the time that they made every cancellation count against sellers and CS showing a blatant disregard for any sense of fairness in their resolutions) it became clear that if I wanted to have any kind of certainty in my work life, I would have to create other venues of business.