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I noticed all my gig was hide and no more on search, please who have experience such before ? And what is the solution


I noticed all my Fiverr gig are no where to be found.
Please what is the way out, have delivered all order I have.


what do you mean by hide? did you see all the search result pages? did you logout from your profile and check?


I mean my gig is more on search, I checked from others users same things .


Did you check your stats whether you have any views/impressions/social clicks/clicks on that particular gig?


What actually happened is that I got many orders which result to Fiverr hide my gig because I am a new seller. But after delivered those orders my gig is still no more on search.


The only way to check this is to go through your gig stats


My impressions and click remain constant


do you have any views in last 7 days?


Yes, I still have some views in the last 5days.


then you cannot say it is hidden, give me your gig details and let me check


I hope you will be able to check my active gig through my profile. Business writing and legal writing.


Try to get some great sales, they often says, low performing gigs may not showing on search results. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


:+1: @wordpressdony that will do the trick


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Isn’t it funny ?,

Why fiverr will hide your gigs. If you earn fiverr will earn and if you do not earn fiverr will not earn.Fiverr is our partner not enemy.And no ranking is permanent on fiverr.
My one gig was first page on fiverr gig categories after order cancellation it goes second page .Then when I recover that it goes to first page again.And sometime my gig went to last page also .You will not believe that how much hard work I have done to keep the gig position on first page … But when I have edited my gig images then It goes to last page…Anything can be happen and fiverr gives chance to the new seller gig and show their gig on first page …

May be you got that…


If your gig is not displayed on the search pages
Inform the fiverr customer support service