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I observed that sellers are much on buyers request page, why?


Please I got disturbed about this advancement since I likewise had a go at posting on purchasers demand page for offers of my gigs yet was being cautioned by FIVERR administrator not to attempt it. I have to recognize what it takes for me to likewise post my abilities on purchasers demand page.


I think in a lot of cases it’s just the limited understanding in their particular language. I know some that just don’t care, but other’s seem to struggle with the way it’s shown. Perhaps the translations don’t quite accurately display the particular part of the page. At least now we can just “remove” them from there to clear out some clutter as opposed to what it was before. Someone requested “write an article” previously and I sent them a request to write their article for them, and they got all offended saying they were offering the service and i’m here thinking how they more or less completely misunderstood the point of the requests area.