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I offer a completely FREE marketing consultation gig. Is it against Fiverr terms and conditions

Yes, you read it right. FREE! This gig is created for those who are new to the business with a limited budget. You don’t need to pay anything to me to avail this service. But if you want to compensate me for an actionable suggestion, that is completely upto you

So I was wondering if offering such a gig is against fiverr terms and conditions.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts

Technically it’s against the TOS, but I don’t think Fiverr will do anything about it.


Gigs® on Fiverr are offered at a base starting price of $5.

People won’t take action until they are invested in the process, so you may be giving them a disservice by not charging. If you sold the same information to 2 different groups of people. One group paying $800.00 and another group paying $5.00. A higher percentage of the $800.00 group would actually take action.

It’s not a gig until they buy it. I offer free advice (consultation) all the time through the message system. Offering great value leading to a sale on Fiverr, if I can help, or before directing them to someone on Fiverr that can help them.

We can never share person contact information or connect later outside of Fiverr.

You will look awfully suspicious to Fiverr. It has the smell of a lead magnet. They will wonder what you are really up to.

Great to see your generosity!

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