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I offer good illustrations and art but no order still

I am an artist here on fiverr and Im struggling to have have my first order…This post is not to beg you all to order but to ask everyone here to give me some advices and critics about my gigs’s format and performance.

I put my absolute best into my making my art but I sell it at the lowest price because I dont want to scare away any buyers especially because I am just a novice here at fiverr…

please help


You should send buyer request and promote your gig in social media. Hope it will work.

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Hey! Just a question, do you draw based on people’s descriptions on how they want their character to be drawn, or can you also draw anime forms of people’s photos?

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Getting your first order on gig is most probably the main step to get your business started.

  1. You should focus on Buyer Request.
  2. Also being online on Fiverr helps a lot in getting the first order.
  3. Last but not least, social media marketing such different forums and social media sites is very crucial for your gigs, because Fiverr algorithm most probably gives more value to the gigs who gets more views from outside Fiverr.

Hope these suggestions works for you!


One more suggestion, i have checked your gig. Check out fiverr sellers who are at the top in your category. Check their gig previews, design something unique for your gig that should be eye catching for buyers, find out gig tags that are most often used and a professional description will be helpful.


Both actually…I want to achieve a satisfactory outcome to every transaction so I draw based on the buyers preferences and ideas.

1st of all Work more on your First Pic as it will be the thumbnail for your gig too.

2nd your tags are too specific. Buyers don’t search that. Check top sellers of your category and check what tags they are using.

Hope that will work for you.

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