I offer great services still no orders


OMG!!! I offer great services here on Fiverr and my gigs generate lots of views how come I do not get orders? Any tips you use? Please share thanks.


Promote your gigs via twitter,Facebook,Pinterest, create a blog and post on forums.



From what I can see your overall star rating is low - perhaps from older gigs that performed poorly that you have since put out of service. If you had a gig I would be interested in (and out of all your gigs I only see a couple that are generally popular on Fiverr) I would definitely hesitate when I saw a 3.5 star rating and stock image avatar. Also I think you will find a lot of people avoid sellers or buyers from Nigera on account of a lot of scam-related activity originating there. Though I can’t confirm this last part, it’s something I have noticed.

Another very minor point but one that MIGHT help out is the information in your gigs. You could probably add more relevant information to convince people that the gig is legitimate and you are putting in genuine effort. The way some of them are set out with buzzwords and reading a little like an infomercial might turn some people off. Again, I can’t confirm this as I am not someone who buys any of those kinds of gigs - I get gigs for individuals rather than a business - but as a frequent buyer these are things I look for.

Hope there was something useful there…




Too many gigs. Too many oars in the water.

BEFORE you build an Empire on Fiverr, read the following;