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I offer service for FREE free blog posts and articles


Hi every body
I am new at fiverr but I write articles and blog posts for the last 3 years on other freelancer platform.
now since I opened my account a month ago I only done 4 gigs for one customer so now I want to build business here and I decided I do 50 articles for 50 fiverr’s for free :smiley:

so all you need to do send me private message with your keyword and show me link to previous writing gig you bought earlier and rated and I only need to see this rating so I know that you really buy content on fiverr because writing is hard work and I need to know whoever take that work would really use it for his/her benefit, doing the research and writing unique article for someone who won’t use it is the worst could happen I know you would understand 

so This not rewriting or low quality this is real good work for people who need content and buy them constantly may be that’s insane to some people who are fans of “if you are good at something never do it for free” but I guess you should say that to all advertising companies :smile:
Naturally if the content is bad or not up to your standard’s you wouldn’t use my service so I provide a real deal and FOR FREE.

Now to organize the whole thing all you need to do is send me private message with your keyword and would be better if you show me your site so I make the article fit with your site (I will be doing only blog posts or small 500 word article for free).
If I got all 50 requests today that would take me from 5 to 10 days to finish the last one not to mention if I got high amount of sales from customers it will be extended a little but I will respond and keep you updated.

Now if you are interested send me your message and I will respond as long as I am up and awake I won’t take the orders from the forum just the messages.


i sent you message please check


ofcourse i checked and replied to you and i will keep you updated :slight_smile: