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I offer translations but

I may be multilingual but there is a limit to what I can deliver. Just now a buyer asked me to translate a file to German. I have several language combinations on offer but ‘English to German’ is not one of them. German to English is though. To avoid these kinds of problems I specifically listed all combinations I feel happy and confident to take care of. I want to have happy buyers! Who would not?

Now on this occasion the buyer asked for multiple translations of which I cannot possibly deliver the English to German part. However I am able to deliver the other part needed by the buyer.

How can we both proceed from here?

I am able and happy to take care of the part that I can deliver.

Is it possible to cancel 2 out of 4 gigs in a batch of 4?

Please help!

Definitely you can have a mutual cancellation for the 2 gigs out of 4.

Just go to the specific order page > Resolution center > select the last option

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Well, I do German to English. You can send buyer my way for the German/English part. I’d be very gratefull!!! :slight_smile:

You’re totally right Angie, you can’t cancel part of the order, you’d have to cancel the whole order and have the buyer re-order again ! This all depends on if the orders are on one gig order or separate orders of course, if they’re separate orders you can just request a cancellation on those and keep the others intact.

This is going to come off either harsh or stupid, but just know it’s not either! How are you not able to provide English to German translation but are able to provide German to English?

Not to sound mean or anything I’m genuinely curious. :-B

Reply to @madmoo: agreeing with you!!

Reply to @madmoo:

You’ll probably get a Google-translate-like result that way. But essentially your right.

madmoo said: Reply to @thepromogirl: jumping in here, but it's often easier to translate into a language you know from a language you understand but don't know the finer details of grammar etc.

I can look at a block of German text and understand the meaning and therefore 'translate' it into English, but if you gave me a block of English and asked me to translate it to German, I'd be stuck for all the necessary words.

That's what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure. For me, I can translate French to English and English to French no problem. I assumed it would be a common if you can translate one way, but I understand. Thank you for clearing it up! :x

Reply to @thepromogirl:

No it is not a stupid question at all.

I did study German for one year at college. I was pretty proficient too, both orally and written. Over the years I have mostly spoken German. My vocabulary is great, but my grammar is not very strong. I would not feel confident. Any native speaker of German would notice that immediately. When I read German I understand a 100% what is being said and I am able to translate/ interpret what is written in the languages I offer. Also my native language is related to German. That is the reason.

Reply to @madmoo: I did receive a multi-order. The buyer re-ordered.

Thank you all for your help! I have been cracking away and you are all awesome to offer your help!

Reply to @smokey1871: Do not get me started on Google translate! When I translate to one language, I am able to think in that language. I think in that language, full stop. Somehow I know and understand German, but I never think in German. That is why I do not translate to German, but only from German. That is the trouble with Google translate: it does not stop to think.

maybe next time try to connect with someone who does the specific translation you need and let that person translate that part of the order for you. Even if you don’t win that much money, you won’t have a cancellation ratio and the buyer will be happy. Just explain the buyer afterwards that you don’t do certain translations. That’s my opinion about it and this is only possible exclusively on


That would be an idea, but I am relatively new on Fiverr myself. It would be great to colaborate with other translators.

Please contact here at, it is the contact email of a professional translators group called fragglesrock. They will definitely help you!

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