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I only get $40 from a $70 gig, how?

I am new to Fiverr and I had a gig that cost $50 in total and she added $20 as a tip for me. Now, I understand that Fiverr takes 20% as a commission tip so I should get $56 in total. How come It only shows $40 on my earnings tab? Is this a bug of some sort? Please help me, thank you!!

income report

What it looks like in earnings tab


As far as I can see in my own earnings tab, tips are processed separately from the order so you should have one entry for $40 and one for $16.


Janali is right - this is not a bug. Every part is separated - order cost is separated from tipr and Fiverr takes 20% of EACH part, means - 20% from your order cost and 20% from tips. Please, check it again - you will definitely find your tips above your order cost


That makes so much sense! I thought I messed uo something. I saw the other one now. Thank you so much!

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Thanks you so much for the help!

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HI, Yoiu got correct amount. Your 50$ USD 80% is 40$ & tip 20 USD 80% is 16$. Please check your revenew page again. I think you see 16$ also pending balace in your page. thanks

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