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I only get orders about once a month (already have orders not a first order post)

Hello, I receive orders on fiverr on one of my gigs but it only happens about once a month. I can still get orders but I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my gig. I have put a link below so you can have a look. I get about 50 impressions a day and a few clicks per day. Thanks to anyone who responds. I would like the feedback to be brutal but constructive none the less. Thanks again.

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I’ve been here almost five years and I get one or two jobs a month now.

It’s partly because there are tens of thousands more people here than when I started.

If you are looking to Fiverr to be your main source of income, it’s time to change that plan and look at Fiverr as a part-time income.

That’s what it has become to me.


Thanks for your input.

By the way I love reading your comments on first order threads they make me laugh

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I try to be funny.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to work.

I need to start drinking coffee again.

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