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I only get orders from buyers request. Why havent I recieved a direct order in months?

How do I improve my Gigs? I don’t see myself on Fiverr search. I haven’t ever received an order. I have done 7 orders since July 22 all from buyers request. Can someone identify the problem?
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Well for one, your misspelling “Stationary” will not sit well with the quality of client your services should appeal to. Check your spelling throughout and also your analytics to see if you’re getting views or not.

If it seems dead for you, before wrapping it up, I would delete and re-package that service to try and see if a new listing and new way of presentation may result in better results.

Also, hire another gig to promote yours…find information about promoting gigs on line and come back to fiverr and hire someone who can provide those specific recommendations.

I am afraid that paid gig promotion will result in more views and less clicks and even less orders since they are not potential customers. Gigs do show some activity and clicks but I haven’t received any order as of now. I have corrected the spellings thanks for valuable suggestions.

Oki doki, then let’s start here: did you read fiverr TOS to start with? Looks like you didn’t because you have your personal information and off fiverr contact details all over your gigs. Which is strictly forbidden by fiverr and will get your account banned right away.

Secondly, are these your logos? And don’t try to lie because even a simple google search will show that they are not yours.


No Sales

  1. Bad grammar
  2. Copyrighted material
  3. Highly competitive category
  4. Off site contact details
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Thank You for your replies. It was such a great help.

These were my first few tracings. Thank you for mentioning, I have removed them. Also, one question I would like to ask. Can a logo I redesigned for a client also be featured on Fiverr profile?

To all those who helped
My impressions have improved and so have the clicks in one night.
It’s a good start since I did basic corrections as suggested. Thank You

Saw your gmail address on one of you gig images.

You surely can upload your works