I only get traffic at 2 weeks a month, how do I keep my traffic constant?


Hello good people, I have been a seller for some few months now. I have an issue where I only get offers for a specific time of month (roughly 2 weeks) while the other 2 weeks I don’t get any offers. Even when my gigs appears on the featured section, I still don’t get offers or contacts. I have a very good customer feedback. Does anyone have an idea of how to maintain a constant flow of buyers?. I would really appreciate for your assistance.


Try to make extra gig of your services.
Try to give promotions etc
update your gig descriptions
change category of gigs and use different tags this time.


Thanks, I will implement your suggestions and I hope things will improve.


There definitely are “waves” of orders, and very quiet times even if your gig stands at the same position all the time. Most people sort gigs by rating. Have you checked where your gig appears then? Congrats for having a featured gig, though! That should help a ton overall.

Sometimes it’s also just the category being quiet for majority of gigs, so might also be a good idea to keep trying new gig ideas out.


Yes, u can try. Orders work in bulk, sometimes you have too many sometime not a single.