"I only have $5" excuse


I can’t speak for other categories, but every now and then I see buyer requests stating that they need a web developer, but they have only $5 and that’s it. What’s worse is that many of those buyers are looking for a developer for their business website. I truly don’t understand how can you run a business if you have only $5 to invest in your company’s website.

Recently a buyer stated that their website has been hacked so they need to rebuild their entire site, yet they can’t spend more than $5. Really? Getting your business and clients back isn’t worth more than $5? Most likely buyer’s site was hacked because they didn’t bother to invest in security, hired someone for that “guaranteed #1 ranking traffic” and now they want to rebuild it with $5.

Another example is requesting a complete website development for $5. So you’re trying to outrank your competition with $5 website? Imagine all those idiots who spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing campaigns and in-house developers. If only they knew that you can get it for $5.
Even if you take the most expensive service here, it will still be probably 2-3 times cheaper than hiring an agency. If you wish to save cost then hiring a freelancer is a step in the right direction, but you can’t expect them to work for $5 to rebuild your online identity.

We’ve all heard those success stories where people start their empire with only $10 in their pocket, but for every story like that, you have a million stories about a failure. All I’m trying to say is that if you want to start your own business then commit to it. Be prepared to invest in it :wink:


I can totally relate to that problem. But I truly believe that all the blame is on the cheap sellers who would get down to their knees to get an order. And more badly, they got no skills. If I talk about my gigs, let’s say logo designing. People used to “BUY” a logo before that would mean something to their company and would be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it. But now they can get several options to select from for 5$. What really the problem is that designer will come who would copy thousands of templates from internet and be willing to sell them by changing colors and names, and ta daaaaa! Here’s a brand new luxurious logo for 5$!


I’m sure this happens in every single category :pensive: I guess many have stopped accepting the idea of giving money for a service or product when there’s so much “free” or “cheapest cheap” on the Internet.

I also had a different kind of cheap buyer, who said they only got $3 in Fiverr credit and asked me what I can offer for that LOL. Fiverr is not even designed to give offers for less than $5 :joy:


+1 to this; it works both ways that buyers would not engage in this behaviour if sellers didn’t entertain them at all.


Have these all the time!
I’ve seen in Buyers Request someone writing:
“I would like a poster made, plus PDF and Source file”, budget $5 “I hate it when sellers charge more”
:confused: more clear than that…
On the other hand people approach me and want me to do stuff for $5 or $10, because "that’s my budget"
I always answered the same:
Yesterday I went to buy a brand new Mercedes and said to the seller: but I just have $500.
Guess what his answer was…


ha ha! That Mercedes thing has some strong sarcasm in it but the problem arise when some other seller comes with a scooter with a Mercedes body and sells it for 500$.


If you’re running a business then “$5 is my maximum budget” is BS answer anyways. What kind of business are you running if you can’t spend more than $5?

I understand if you wish to hire someone for $5 to do a simple task for you. I’ve hired writers to proofread 250 words text, which probably takes less than 15min (ie seller added 2 commas). But don’t tell me that you can’t invest more than $5 into your business identity (logo, website, content etc.).


And a similar request like this:
“I need 30 articles around 500 words, plagiarism free, 100% unique, no grammar errors. My budget is $30. You must deliver in 2 days”. :persevere:


At least the buyer figured out that you can’t buy just one article for $1. He/She actually thought this through :smiley: And I bet there were offers to that request :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have more time I will make the same request to see who bids on these and if I end up getting an actual offer I will buy it. A dollar for an article - amazing :smile:


A dollar for an article? Hexpect they to be it very wall writed :smiley:


Yeah! You can be a re-seller then :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I see this all the time.

“Please, I need a translation for my 10,103-word document translated from English to Spanish within 24 hours. Budget is $5. Maximum I will go is $6”

I think he can actually get this done within that 24 hours frame, all by himself with Google translate. He won’t even go through any stress at all. Besides, the only sellers that will send offers matching those walls are those who will do the same.

Buyers want quality results, but some won’t want to invest quality. Sow peanuts, and you’ll reap sand.


Good thing is he/she didn’t ask for pure virgin blood along with it. just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


@Woofy31 ha ha, you gat me! :stuck_out_tongue: __


What those success stories never talk about is the amount of TIME the business owner or their family spent on making the business a success by building up the site and doing the work necessary. The headline is

I did this for $10 (and you can too if you buy this set of books for $29.95)

I suppose the honest headline of
I did this for $10 as well as 60 hours per week for a year, while my wife went from door to door selling every morning meaning that even at min wage we would have earned a combined $50,000, but we chose this path and lived on beans while we sent the kids to live with their grandparents!
just doesn’t sell many PLR books about marketing, does it?


How do you think Rome was built, huh? Some say – Rome was built in a day, but the only REAL quotation goes like – Rome was built for 5$, no lie.


It’s in every category, I just got for my translation gig a guy that wanted me to translate 2 pages for 2.5$, while I charge a ridiculous price of 5$ per 1 page, and you know, I saw what it makes to have cheap workforce, this client’s site was horrible and full of mistakes, but the only thing he cares is to pay as little as possible


Oh god, saw so many of these ones! and I can’t even explain to them that some times you need 30 minutes just to do 1 page (especially for legal documents, etc).


See probably the first thing to remember is that everything the buyer said, is a crock. From that point, everything gets a little simpler to understand. And to illustrate my point I will provide a little translation:

  • "I need an EXPERT to do ‘X’ task and my budget is $5 and 24 hours"
    Translation: “I’m hoping someone will be dumb or desperate enough to do it, basically I need more money for other things that provide little investment value and the customer is always right so I win”

  • "Read the attached and answer, it must be in ‘X’ format"
    Translation: “I’m too lazy to learn a topic and God help you should I be YOUR (insert degree-qualified professional here)”.

  • "This should be easy"
    Translation: “It’s not for me but I hope it is. I spent 20mins trying to remember how to wipe my own backside but took 5mins to write this ad”

  • "If this goes well there will be more work for you"
    Translation: “Give me a discount, and you better put in 100% because I’ll dangle that carrot over your head like it’s your last meal. At which point I’ll piss and moan about everything, waste your time and then drop you like a sack of potatoes because…internet”

  • "Can you do any better on price?"
    Translation: “I was the kid that would trash other people’s stuff and be ok with it, but wouldn’t let anyone touch my things. Basically, I only appreciate value of things important to me, everyone else should agree with it because…did not get enough of the leather belt as a kid”

Sellers should be able to give discount codes

There’s a buyers request up at the moment where the seller wants “EXPERT product sourcing and wants to pay $3 per product” nevermind the negotiation skills required to source the product, establish the connection and map the SCM plan…no, usually the people who ask for the least are the ones who have never done it before. And if they knew; they wouldn’t be here.